Ye Hai Mohabbatein – 1st May 2014 : Ep 119

In episode 119 of Ye Hai Mohabbatein, aired on 1st May 2014, Simi slaps Ishita Ishita informs the family that Param had tried to molest her. She informs the Bhalla family that Param had misbehave…
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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25 Responses to Ye Hai Mohabbatein – 1st May 2014 : Ep 119

  1. sumal sameera says:

    Nice ..

  2. Aarchi Patel says:

    Now this is turning to ekta kapoor shit. Not gonna watch this anymore.

  3. nuru dili says:

    please put translation others do not understand hindi

  4. shajahan shaju says:

    plz suggest me is there anyway to stop telecasting this shit….
    becoz i cant see my mom getting stress for this shit while watching…

  5. grishma ramesh says:

    This show is actually loosing its plot, it’s loosing the reason why it has
    so many loyal viewers. The reality of serious issues like rape is insane
    and yet this show is taking it so lightly. Instead of encouraging women who
    are in this situation, the show seems to be putting them off of telling
    people about their condition. At least Raman should believe his wife, the
    writer has made him look like the weakest man. In fact Raman isn’t even a
    man. Shame on you script writer for making such a crappy script. I don’t
    care if ishita gets her justice today or next week on the show. It’s about
    all the other vulnerable women who go through this in reality. As an
    influential media society, you ought to have shown everybody supporting
    ishita, yet you show one woman slapping another. Filthy. Not watching this
    show anymore. 

  6. faatemah faatemahmauritius says:

    ishita pyaar raman kiss you too yeh hai mobbatein we love you to love
    ishita didi
    zee tv star plus
    door barh parm jt
    raman barh bye hllo hi byeeeeeeee
    tanweer to kiss raman yeh ahi mohhatein 

  7. keerthika mishal says:

    This the worst episode in yeh mohebatein

  8. basicsurfer08 says:

    i knew they would drag this shit, after all thats what serials are all

  9. Taj Sultana says:

    wtf really!!!
    atleast raman should support his wife..!!

  10. sha shahir says:


  11. Nazmat mohammed says:

    Oh no I knew that something like this will happen sssssshhhhhiiiiitttttt

  12. shajahan shaju says:

    plz dnt like this video…
    plz dislike this video as much as you could…..

  13. coolrockstar999 says:


  14. Lucy Rajput says:

    Stupid storyline, not watching this show fan. Woohoo you just lost a loyal

  15. Sirisha H says:

    E story ranu ranu chala durty ga avvudemoo. Relations ki atuvanti
    importance lenatundii

  16. shajahan shaju says:

    they are making mental stress to our ladies….

  17. Rubina Shaikh says:

    Raman should know d truth as early as possible n support his wife

  18. shajahan shaju says:

    ppl should stop watching this shit….

  19. Ayyoob khan says:

    Poor Ishita 

  20. Himanshu Kumar says:

    it was the worst episode of yeh hai mohabbatein felt so bad for ishita

  21. Tud Mane says:

    Trashiest and most filthy episode. I really hope they cancel this bakwas
    series. I wish the directors and script writers burn.

  22. Honey Tamakuwala says:

    Rather than showing such things abt woman molestation dey shud show hw shud
    woman fight wen faced by such incidence this create wrong impression on

  23. Progressivesoc says:

    Anyways when raman comes to know the truth I want him to beat parmeet black
    and blue

  24. shajahan shaju says:

    i should say this…
    the first ever video i disliked in youtube….

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