Sana Saeed who appears in Kuch Kuch Hota Hai with shahrukh khan interview by Hanif Mirza

Sana Saeed who appears in Bollywood film as a child artist in Kuch Kuch Hota Hai with king khan shahrukh khan interview by hanif mirza.

KMG Movie part 1.

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31 Responses to Sana Saeed who appears in Kuch Kuch Hota Hai with shahrukh khan interview by Hanif Mirza

  1. Pranay Rajput says:

    great one…..hanifbhai keep it up

  2. simarpreet kaur says:

    Wow, that Anjali Girl Looking Great but you are also great Hanif Bhai

  3. Shaikh Ishtiyaq says:

    Excellent Hanif Bhai, Jabardust Interview

  4. Hanif Mirza says:

    Thank you Shaikh sahab

  5. Hanif Mirza says:

    Thank you Simar

  6. Yasfa. Elma says:



    vala musica esta recontra chevre!! 😕

  8. americana4evr says:

    pfffffffff -.-“

  9. Angesboy3 says:

    oe men puedes reenviar esta musica por fa….

  10. Yeddy Babe says:

    i love the movie,icnt stop watching it

  11. ifemisegun says:

    kudos to u guyssssssssssss. i love u

  12. johny tluang says:

    gooddddddd songggggggg….

  13. Angesboy3 says:

    oe men esta musica esta buena …..

  14. the2ndgreen says:

    LOLZ .. i taught it was the movie . -____-

  15. melcygirl says:

    i like it 🙂


    aun no lo veo, pero la proxima vez opino.

  17. yum yumsiyum Trickaman says:

    this is songs no live the very local no good.plese rimove song

  18. Rahul20d says:

    did u guys love the musik i made

  19. adesiak says:

    macam lagu hp mainan budak2

  20. cherriesfall says:

    For a second i thought i was watching a japanese movie lol lol

  21. EDDIETEE100 says:

    wat happen the song..!!!!???

  22. Luftwaffle says:


  23. Seda Sor says:

    haha wow, good. this song happened to be playing on Dance Dance Revolution.

  24. krissteen says:

    “i’m your little butterfly”

  25. glaubtantaqdir says:

    surprisingly, the song matches to the video, if only a little bit

  26. xazyxlolx says:

    @shafia1993 VERY

  27. najoOola1000 says:

    What is the name of the song?

  28. 54spiritedwill54 says:

    pretty nice..

  29. nur aina says:

    i remember the toy phone i had when i was when little…><

  30. aimanni99 says:

    Can someone give me this song? ‘butterfly. i cant find ==

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