Mapei – “Don’t Wait” – Official Music Video

Maker Music premieres the official music video, Don’t Wait from Mapei. Subscribe Buy “Don’t Wait” On iTunes:…
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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25 Responses to Mapei – “Don’t Wait” – Official Music Video

  1. Tyler Oakley says:


  2. Toddy Ivon says:

    Brazilian Funk from Brazil….

  3. AJ Rafael says:

    this is my jam

  4. Bryan Martinez says:

    // B o o m \

  5. Melancholy says:

    that guy looks like asap & snoop dogs baby

  6. michaelsmithmichael1 says:

    if it wasnt for you, id be alone. thank you for your love. 

  7. AJ Sorenson says:
  8. BOHO POP says:

    Her musical sound reminds me of Kelis.

  9. VanessaShowShow says:

    who is the lover(guy) in this video?

  10. Destiiny U says:

    Who is the guy in the video?

  11. TheOfficialFase says:

    I love her little dance at 1:17 lol cute

  12. Kiubier says:

    shout out to Filthy, min svenska brör, sverige nummer ett 😀 bra jobba 

  13. Niagurl40 says:

    +BOHO POP She reminds me of kelis to. I thought I was the only one who
    thought that

  14. Tanya Jean says:

    Brings me back to when I was crying to Solange-Losing you

  15. Timothy DeLaGhetto says:

    Feelin this!

  16. Eben Dickson says:

    dont know why but this song gives me “lorde–royals” vibe

  17. Thaiane Bastos says:


  18. Derek Lansky says:

    dopest fashion in a music video ever

  19. Joel Cernas says:

    Chill fucking vibe.. I sense good things coming.

  20. Jessica Maria says:

    yaaaaaasss! finally a video for this song, LOVE IT ! <3

  21. Carissa Gerzeny says:

    Love this! Chill vibes by a new artist, +Mapei! #mapei #dontwait

  22. Selma Ca says:


  23. onyxspirals says:


  24. Arsonist Alwaysstrapped J says:

    Cool different song. 

  25. Miguel Branchez says:

    I can do without the talk box but she’s good

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