Dj Jiten – Kuch Kuch Hota Hai [BMW 6]

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16 Responses to Dj Jiten – Kuch Kuch Hota Hai [BMW 6]

  1. X-Men Graphic Sound powered by REMIXALITY-RIDDIMIXES. says:
  2. Remeez1000 says:

    Now this alot better than all the other remixes , thank you 

  3. S5rTNrN3S6Tw6T5v says:

    TOP SONG!!!!!!!!!!1111

  4. S5rTNrN3S6Tw6T5v says:

    TOP REMIX!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1111

  5. Vikki003 says:

    I have this cd. thanks to dj jiten.

  6. S5rTNrN3S6Tw6T5v says:

    LIKE THIS REMIX!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1111

  7. S5rTNrN3S6Tw6T5v says:

    TOP SONG!!!!!!!!!!!1111

  8. S5rTNrN3S6Tw6T5v says:

    VERY GOOD MIX !!!!!!1111

  9. SuperChocolatie says:

    good remix but without the trompet…it’s enoying

  10. Niraj Mahat says:

    would you please share the notes @

  11. Sumedh Deshmukh says:
  12. CGA SimantOo says:

    please sent me the note.

  13. CGA SimantOo says:

    wonderful. want more upload.

  14. Sumedh Deshmukh says:

    Will surely upload more..!!Thank you..!

  15. Sumedh Deshmukh says:

    Yes friend will mail you notes of this song also…!thank u so much..!!

  16. Aniket Shetty says:

    this is amazing….. seems that you can play anything……. may i get this
    song’s full notes please

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