10 Years of Kuch Kuch Hota Hai part 4/4

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25 Responses to 10 Years of Kuch Kuch Hota Hai part 4/4

  1. Anil Rai says:

    indeed the best lovestory film ever..a timeless masterpiece..

  2. Upuli Jayasinghe says:

    Watching it in 2014! I watched when I was a child as a teen and will do
    until i die! Thanks Kjo Srk and Kajol!

  3. saron desta says:

    I’m gonna go re watch kuchi kuchi Hota hai for the 163565325743 th time bye

  4. mansi tulsyan says:

    love u shahrukh khan

  5. Liya Vincent says:

    thanku soo muchh

  6. TheSRKinspired says:

    @virkkiran18 haha! lolll

  7. Azza AlGhamdi says:

    I can not tell you or explain how much i love KKHH. i remember when i saw
    the train scene i paused the movie and cried for soooo long. Shah Rukh was
    soo hip and cool but have changed soo much as he grew up as a single dad.

  8. angeli172 says:

    it’s very bad when we now rani and kajol are not best freind it’s very sad

  9. houley20 says:

    i just can say

  10. SuperTgirl123 says:

    @RaniZinta omg exactly! if kajol was in kank i couldnt believe she would
    have an affair even if it was with shahrukh and leave abhi

  11. MultiDanradcliffe says:


  12. Liz7878781 says:

    You know how he says ” shaadi ek bar” hen why did he get married twice

  13. HaPpY4U808 says:

    Kuch Kuch Hota Hai is the BEST!! I think that no other can compare.

  14. Carmen Luna says:

    kkhh will forever be a timeless classic..

  15. Liz7878781 says:

    You know how he says ” shaadi ek bar” then why did he get married twice

  16. Karishma Mistry says:

    Shahrukh is so well spoken, that I can’t.

  17. DarlingTinaSheep says:

    He’s right at the end there… I really don’t think any movie can compare
    to this one. I don’t even mean his own work either. I mean literally, there
    are no movies out there that can really be like this one. I love that about
    it though. It’s always a nice feeling to know you can come back as a viewer
    to this classic and experience it all again every time you watch it.

  18. Keya R says:

    it really was the most innocent and honest movie ever made. my all-time
    favourite <3

  19. angeli172 says:

    srk he is the best love him very much

  20. Missinwyne says:

    Its weird karan johar said that rahul was very selfish role bcz thats what
    i felt that the first time i saw that picture .

  21. killadog84 says:

    lol, SRK looks stoned in the thumbnail of this clip…too much paan;)

  22. Sudeshna Hamal says:

    Kuch Kuch Hota Hai is definitely a timeless film and my favorite!

  23. ahnaf tahmid says:

    Because of his modesty srk is the biggest star on the planet !!

  24. BSBforlife1 says:

    thank you so much for uploading this! its beyond awesome!

  25. kain kapan says:

    the best ever film..<3

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